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"Percy Munn," the voice said, "you are about to take a
most serious step. It is not necessary to impress upon you the
gravity of that step. And about to take a most sacred oath.
If you are to turn back, now is the time to turn back."

Someone coughed twice in the darkness. Mr. Munn turned
his head slightly toward that direction.

" You can turn your back now and go out of this room and
mount your horse and ride away and never speak one word of
your coming here tonight, and no single soul will think the
less of your manhood. But now is the time. Look in your
heart and mind, and consider."

Mr. Munn waited with his eyes raised above the direct rays
of the light. There was silence for some thirty or forty

vt Percy Munn/' the voice then said, " are you clear in your
mind, and determined?"

** I am," Mr. Munn said.

"You are about to take the oath of membership in the
Free Farmers' Brotherhood for Protection and Control. The
sole purpose of this organization is to see that a fair price is
paid for dark fired tobacco, and it will adopt such means as
seem advisable to further that purpose. Are you, Percy
Munn, prepared to take the oath?"

" I am," Mr. Munn said.

** Place your left hand upon that book."

Mr. Munn did so.

"That book, Percy Munn, is the Holy Bible. An oath
taken upon it and in God's name is sacred for all time and
eternity. Will you swear upon it?"

"I will," Mr. Munn said.

" Raise your right hand and repeat these words," and the
voice proceeded: "I, Percy Munn, knowing the injustice

under which our people groan-----" and it paused for Mr.

Munn to repeat the words.

"I, Percy Munn, knowing the injustice under which our
people groan-----" Mr. Munn said slowly and distinctly.

"         being willing to abide it no longer-----"